Indigo offers customised solutions to achieve excellent results in car park management at education-based sites. We aim to work with our clients to plan out a course of action to improve traffic flow and reduce the number of staff needed for security patrols.

An offer tailored to each population

As a leading operator in managing many types of public- and private-sector parking estates, we have developed tailored services designed to meet the requirements of each type of client, as well as the individual profile of each establishment.
Most universities and campuses share needs for a combination of short- and long-term parking and for both residential and commuter usage. Depending on the facilities that are available, Indigo manages surface, underground or multi-storey car parks in proximity both to teaching and administrative complexes and to student residences. We set up multi-tiered permit systems geared to the varying needs of different categories of customers (students, academic staff, support personnel, general public, etc.).
We adapt our services to comply with our clients’ environmental policies and answer all needs. At Ohio State University, for example, we have developed a partnership with Car2go, a car sharing service available in 45 spaces in 13 locations on campus. We also have set up the Low Emission, Fuel-Efficient (LEFE) parking initiative, where at certain garages 5% of total garage spaces are dedicated LEFE parking spaces.
Indigo is currently extending its scope of services, such as the management of lockers or the development of reservation systems.

Managing flows

By outsourcing their car park management, universities are able to benefit from our experience and expertise. We can improve traffic flow to minimise congestion both on the campus and surrounding roads, particularly at peak hours at the start and end of the day.
Depending on each campus’s layout and profile, park-and-ride shuttle buses may run between car parks and the more remote parts of the campus. In other cases, special arrangements are put in place for major events when traffic is heavier, such as match days and concerts. Solutions are found for all the site’s needs, whether catering for members of the public using the library or gym facilities or providing supervised amenities for students to park

Safety and security

We are also able to strengthen both enforcement and supervision, using highly trained personnel and advanced monitoring technology, resulting in greatly improved security. In some cases, the company’s parking and security teams not only patrol the car parks to enforce parking regulations, but also provide general security services and assistance across the campus.

Smooth operation

The University sector is particularly well developed in Canada, where Indigo manages roughly 10,000 parking spaces spread over a number of institutions, including Vancouver Island University, the University of Montreal, McGill University and Capilano University. In the United Kingdom, we operate a particularly extensive contract at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff.

Indigo‘s priority is to ensure the smooth operation of a university, enabling higher education and research to be carried out under optimal conditions, while maximising its clients’ return on investment.