The car park is both the customer’s first and last point of contact when visiting a shopping centre. It therefore has an essential role to play in shaping the overall perception of the point of sale: it is the car park which gives the first impression and leaves the final image in the customer’s mind. Indigo puts its globally recognised expertise to work to design tailor-made spaces, which help to deliver a quality customer experience.

Designing parking facilities that are accessible and welcoming

For shopping centre management companies, Indigo offers bespoke contracts with a range of different services: direction systems to guide visitors to free spaces, the installation of interactive information kiosks, recognition of customers by automatic number plate recognition, making the most of the time spent in the car park by the provision of additional services (such as a car wash or parcel pick-up/drop-off point), development of payment facilities using certain specific store cards. Finally, Indigo’s staff are trained and qualified to manage and apply all new safety regulations and standards.

Boosting business activity in shopping centres

To satisfy the expectations of an increasingly demanding customer base, Indigo works in close conjunction with shopping centres to build customer loyalty. Indigo car parks, recognised for their quality of service, provide visitors with offers that are suited to the needs of businesses in the vicinity

Indigo offers discounts in partnership with stores, prepares joint sales and advertising initiatives and proposes flexible opening hours based on the initiatives conducted.To make the parking experience even more pleasant, Indigo uses Indoor geolocation to enable to the customer to be guided right to their vehicle once they have done their shopping, thanks to the Indigo Park smartphone application.

Training qualified customer service teams

Indigo’s personnel is trained to be deal with all customer requests, responsively, and to handle periods of peak activity typically encountered in shopping centre car parks. Pre-payment and concierge services for the delivery of packages are available to all customers. Furthermore, thanks to its control centre, Indigo is able to offer an innovative solution for the remote management of its car parks. It allows the car park operator to “hand over” control to a remote operator for the management of certain tasks, such the remote opening of gates and pay station barriers, in order to be able to devote their time to customer relations or more complex tasks.