The construction of indoor car parks is limited in large cities. But every day, motorists have to contend with a shortage of parking spaces, increasingly heavy urban traffic and the growing phenomenon of permanently parked cars. This is why, as part of its overall mobility solutions, Indigo now offers the concept of shared parking. Many car parks in offices and in residential buildings (whether private apartment blocks or social housing) contain empty spaces for all or part of the day.

Shared parking consists in allowing owners to share these vacant spaces by opening up their car parks to outside customers. Indigo enables them to make their car parks profitable without incurring further costs.

Free installation after a prior study of the site

To consider the possibility of a sharing solution for your car park, we begin by analysing its location and the parking market in the neighbourhood, and we then carry out an inspection of the car park to confirm its suitability for this service. Indigo installs an access system in the car park for vehicles and pedestrians. Simple and secure, it is completely separate from the existing means of access. A purpose-designed signage system guides the customer to the spaces available for shared parking. Indigo supplies and maintains these installations.

Customer management meeting the standards of Indigo

We fully understand that allowing external customers to drive freely in private property can be a major cause of concern for the owner and the regular occupants of the car park. This is why we secure the route they take within the car park.

In order to access the car park, the driver must first of all have reserved a space. Complete contact details of every user of this service are therefore stored in Indigo’s IT system. Driver and car gain physical access to the car park using a smartphone through a secure space on the Park Indigo app or following reception of a code by SMS. To enter the car park, pedestrians must also enter a code they receive by email or by text message. Shared car parks enjoy the same level of assistance as all Indigo-managed car parks: they are all connected to the National Centre for Remote Operations and Assistance, which can take over control of the access doors if need be and can provide rapid and effective remote assistance on a 24/7 basis.

Good eco-citizenship

Opening your car park to shared parking helps position you as a responsible player.
Introducing this solution is a way of decreasing car traffic and noise in city centres. It also helps to reduce pollution and to improve the quality of urban life. Shared parking is one of the initiatives encouraged in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

A profitable solution for all concerned

Thanks to the shared parking solution, there are benefits for all parties: owners of parking spaces in office buildings or residential areas can optimise their car parks and make them profitable by offering car drivers additional spaces to park at prices that match their needs (daytime or weekday parking for professionals and night or weekend parking for residents). Drivers pay less for season tickets than if they rented a space on a 24/7 basis.