Indigo helps local authorities with urban design to address heavy traffic and congestion-related problems, particularly in large conurbations, and to improve the attractiveness and quality of life in city centres. Our job is to ensure the development and management of off-street and on-street parking facilities, regardless of whether they are under concession, lease or service provision contracts. In an effort to provide even smarter more responsible mobility solutions, Indigo develops innovative services that contribute to the vitality of towns and cities.

Assisting with local authorities’ mobility policy

Indigo develops tailor-made solutions that seamlessly integrate with city centres and tourist and residential centres. Its services facilitate and optimise the management of flows by improving turnover and reducing the saturation of traffic lanes, as a response to the economic challenges of surrounding businesses.

Our know-how in operation

Indigo has always been committed to maintaining clean, safe and welcoming parking facilities, with clear signage, a relaxing radio and a warm welcome so that users experience a calm surrounding. It also ensures a smooth path for users by controlling pedestrian access, CCTV cameras and a remote operations system available 24 hours a day. Indigo develops innovative services designed to improve the use and financial management of parking spaces. For example, integrated payment systems at pay and display machines, via your mobile or on-line for on-street parking. Indigo also benefits from international experience in decriminalised paid parking enforcement and anticipates changes in regulation planned in France.

Optimising accessibility and management of flow

The technical solutions implemented ensure optimal organisation of flows to and from the parking facilities while contributing to the vitality of districts. Thanks to the expertise of Indigo’s technical department, it is able to anticipate changes in regulations to ensure the optimal, modern design of off-street facilities. And by organising regular parking studies, it is possible to predict and anticipate users’ new expectations.

Improving the attractiveness of sites

Indigo helps local authorities to define their mobility policies and designs price lists carefully to meet their expectations and those of the residents in order to optimise the attractiveness of the car park. It also promotes intermodality by implementing integrated ticket solutions: compatible with public transport passes so that holders have access or special flat-rates.


Connecting the car park with its environment

The services developed by Indigo seamlessly integrate with the urban development plan, like the public transport network: car rental between private owners, electric car sharing, car-pooling, information on public transport, recharge stations for electric cars. The car park is a real mobility hub which also has urban logistics spaces for traders’ business and the quality of life of residents. Thanks to Radio Indigo, the car park maintains the city’s pace by relaying what is going on and news for the areas covered.