Indigo’s hotel sector services are based on a welcoming and service-oriented culture, technical know-how and a guarantee of quality and performance. Our hotel and leisure services are based in USA, Canada, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Brazil. Our approach to hotel car park management is always based on financial transparency and revenue control.

A high quality of guest services

Indigo is the trusted partner of numerous prestigious hotel groups for the management of their parking estates as Chicago Hyatt Regency, Chicago Sheraton Hotel, New York Grand Hyatt Hotel, Toronto Four Seasons Hotel, or Quebec Hilton Hotel and even more. Our personnel are highly experienced in the hospitality sector. Employees working in hotel car parks must complete a special training programme encompassing hotel operations, guest service and safety. They then take part in an on-the-job mentoring programme before finally being entrusted with the responsibility of dealing with your guests themselves.
Indigo’s quality is evidenced by its attention to detail, and is used as a tool to measure customer satisfaction. Ergonomics, cleanliness, customer service and courtesy: the customer’s experience must be optimal. When we manage your guest services – bell, door, valet, concierge or transportation service – we become an extension of your staff. In essence, our staff become your staff, ready and willing to respond to your needs.

Our on-site managers attend team meetings to ensure that we are always working in concert with all other departments.

A profitable investment

We offer consulting services that can help hotel operators to optimise the use of space in their parking facilities, establish a fair pricing structure and install the equipment needed to increase security and maintain control. We manage each facility that we operate as a profit centre: our track record shows that we systematically boost gross revenue and gross profit.

Revenue control

We often take over the management of hotel car parks that have been run at a loss or with low profit expectations for many years. But a hotel’s parking business is a valuable asset. Our many best-practice policies and procedures ensure that all parking revenue is captured on a daily basis. Additional revenue combines with cost efficiencies to result in uplift for the bottom line.

An alliance with our partners

Our involvement goes beyond the simple daily management of our clients’ parking facilities. We are willing to share in the financial risk of investments, and our financial soundness is a guarantee of our long-term commitment. But whatever the basis of our collaboration with hotel sector clients, we foster lasting partnerships and sustainable solutions.

Client quotes

“We set out to achieve multiple goals. […] We have met and exceeded all of our hopes, and it is fair to credit the team at LAZ Parking for these accomplishments.”
Phil Stamm, General Manager, Hyatt Hotels

“Equally impressive has been the calibre and training of the on-site staff. Our guests have had wonderful experiences with your team.”
Marylouise Fitzgibbon, General Manager, W Atlanta Buckhead