Indigo builds and manage car parks that are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of hospitals. Based on a firm understanding of the issues of safety and accessibility specific to healthcare sites, Indigo offers innovative mobility services to help members of the public get around more easily and guarantee that healthcare professionals are able to manage their movements and time more effectively.

Optimising management of flows

The issue of managing flows is of particular importance for hospitals, which have to serve a wide range of groups of users: patients who have come for a consultation or to receive care, families who have come to visit their loved ones in hospitals, doctors, medical and administrative personnel, pharmaceutical representatives, medical transport drivers and taxis, as well as suppliers. Thanks to its integrated design office, Indigo is able to offer substantive solutions to ensure the efficient management of flows: special reserved turning areas for ambulances; specific routes for the movement of medical equipment; user routes which are more suitable and easier to follow; wide, easy-to-open doors; ease of access to equipment (call buttons, lift controls and automatic payment terminals), management of personnel access to guarantee good fluidity of movement during periods where additional staff cover is necessary.

Defining appropriate pricing policies

A financial analysis carried out for each project in conjunction with the management of parking rights make it possible to provide a solution that is the most effective, makes the most economic sense and is most relevant to the needs of each hospital.

The different pricing solutions deployed are designed specifically to meet the needs and expectations of each type of user. Indigo offers special subscriptions for regular patients receiving long-term treatment, and adjusts its pricing appropriately for short-term visitors.

Guaranteeing suitable welcome and support

To minimise the stress usually associated with hospital visits, staff have a key role to play in ensuring that visitors receive a personal welcome and are provided with the information they need. Indigo is committed to making access to healthcare centres as easy as possible, by offering a personalised support service. Staff are trained to welcome visitors and provide them with the information they need. Visitors can then find their way around easily thanks to clear and effective signage. Indigo also provides specific solutions for each type of user: customers requiring assistance receive care and support from trained teams, reception is adapted to deal with emergencies and pregnancies thanks to a quick drop-off area.