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Local authorities and urban planning
Shopping centers
Events, Tourism, Leisure
Private: Offices and residential

Indigo helps local authorities with urban design to address heavy traffic
and congestion-related problems, particularly in large conurbations, and to improve the attractiveness and quality of life in city centres.

Our job is to ensure the development and management of off-street and on-street parking facilities, regardless of whether they are under concession, lease or service provision contracts. In an effort to provide even smarter more responsible mobility solutions, Indigo develops innovative services that contribute to the vitality of towns and cities.

Indigo builds and manage car parks that are tailor-made to meet the specific needs
of hospitals.

Based on a firm understanding of the issues of safety and accessibility specific to healthcare sites, Indigo offers innovative mobility services to help members of the public get around more easily and guarantee that healthcare professionals are able to manage their movements and time more effectively.

The car park is both the customer’s first and last point of contact when visiting a shopping centre.

It therefore has an essential role to play in shaping the overall perception of the point of sale: it is the car park which gives the first impression and leaves the final image in the customer’s mind. Indigo puts its globally recognised expertise to work to design tailor-made spaces, which help to deliver a quality customer experience.

As more and more people take to the air, whether for business or leisure, efficient car park management plays an increasingly important part in ensuring not only the smooth flow of airport operations, but also a stress-free experience for the passenger.

Indigo is a world leader in the Parking Industry managing airport parking throughout four continents. We have the capability and skills to manage and operate efficiently in every kind of airport car park environment.

Whether going to the station or arriving at it, travellers want to be able to make their way around with ease. Indigo thus offers rail users a range of personalised and innovative services to ensure that their journeys are
as smooth and pleasant as possible.

Indigo provides its support to stations in helping them to adapt their parking services to passengers’ expectations in terms of being made welcome and finding their way around, by making the switch between modes of transport run as seamlessly and naturally as possible.

Indigo offers customised solutions to achieve excellent results in car park management at education-based sites.

We aim to work with our clients to plan out a course of action to improve traffic flow and reduce the number of staff needed for security patrols.

Indigo develops specific offers for leisure and events facilities, which help to boost the economic growth and cultural reach of these hubs of activity.

Aware of the key role of these sites in the development of local areas and their international image, Indigo works together with local authorities and private stakeholders to devise and develop an exceptional range of services.


Indigo’s hotel sector services are based on a welcoming and service-oriented culture, technical know-how and a guarantee of quality and performance.

Our hotel and leisure services are based in USA, Canada, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Brazil. Our approach to hotel car park management is always based on financial transparency and revenue control.

The construction of indoor car parks is limited in large cities. But every day, motorists have to contend with a shortage of parking spaces, increasingly heavy urban traffic and
the growing phenomenon of permanently parked cars.

This is why, as part of its overall mobility solutions, Indigo now offers the concept of shared parking. Many car parks in offices and in residential buildings (whether private apartment blocks or social housing) contain empty spaces for all or part of the day.

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