On-street parking in Luxembourg

A fleet of high-performance pay and display machines and smart terminals facilitate parking in the city centre.


Name of our client: Various towns and cities in Luxembourg (Main client : City of Luxembourg)
Numbers of spaces: 50 000
City: Luxembourg
Country: Luxembourg

What kind of service / contract:
– Sale, installation and maintenance of pay and display machines
– Management
– Collection and metering

Faced with a shortage of parking spaces, Luxembourg now offers its know-how and expertise to more than 15 towns around the country. The fleet of pay and display machines, which total around 2,200 machines and represent no fewer than 50,000 on-street parking spaces, requires 15 qualified full-time technicians to maintain the machines and ensure a high standard of service. Indigo in Luxembourg, in partnership with the company, PARKEON, which specialises in the design and manufacture of pay and display machines, sells, installs, manages and maintains all of these machines.

The smooth running of this fleet of pay and display machines is threatened by the weather, vandalism and unexpected breakdowns. It is for this reason that Indigo in Luxembourg offers a full management and maintenance service which comprises, in particular, regular preventive maintenance operations, a real-time overview of the condition of the machines and close cooperation with traffic wardens. A specialist and dedicated team within Indigo in Luxembourg also collects and counts the money deposited in all of the pay and display machines and parking meters.

In cooperation with the city of Luxembourg and the company, TECHNOLIA, Indigo in Luxembourg has taken part in the installation of free limited-parking terminals in several strategic city-centre locations. These terminals detect the presence of a vehicle once it has been parked in a clearly identified space and visibly count down the free 30-minute period. Once the permitted parking period has elapsed, the terminal informs the traffic wardens of the vehicles that have overstayed their free period.

Pay and display machine, avenue de la Liberté, Luxembourg

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