On-street parking in Prague

The largest on-street parking zone in the Czech Republic

Name of our client : City of Prague
Number of spaces : 33,610
City : Prague
Country : Czech Republic

Which kind of service / contract: Three distinct operating contracts with the City of Prague (in Prague 1, Prague 2 and Prague 7)

The City of Prague is divided into 22 separate administrative districts. Indigo in Czech Republic holds operating contracts for the on-street parking in three of them. These three key districts are in the very heart of the city. The first one, Prague 1 is located in the dynamic central area where the majority of historical monuments are situated. It contains shopping streets along with restaurants and bars, museums, cinemas, theatres, etc. The second one, Prague 2 is a living area with an active social life and commercial activities. It is becoming one of the most popular residential parts of the capital, particularly among foreigners living in the city. The last one, Prague 7 is in the central part of the city, on the left bank of the Vltava river. It contains a popular exhibition park, which holds the annual St Matthew’s Fair each spring.

In all, Indigo in Czech Republic manages 33,610 on-street parking spaces in these districts. 10,110 of these are situated in Prague 1, 14,100 in Prague 2 and 9,400 in Prague 7. The company is responsible for the functioning of all the pay-on-foot machines (a total of more than 350 machines over the three districts) and replacing worn and damaged components.

Among Indigo’s other responsibilities, it is tasked with renewing the road markings whenever necessary.

The three districts combined mean that Indigo operates the largest on-street parking zone created to  date in the Czech Republic.

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