Controlled on-street parking in Madrid

A new comprehensive solution to manage urban mobility in Madrid with the latest technology.


Name of our client: Madrid city council
Number of spaces: 83, 000
City: Madrid
Country: Spain

Type of service / contract:
– Implémentation, operation and management of on-street parking
– Control and maintenance

Project overview :
Indigo in Spain is one of the companies responsible for implementing, operating, managing, controlling and maintaining on-street parking in the north of Madrid. The services provided by our company also include the supply, transport, installation and upkeep of horizontal and vertical signage.

Since 2006, Indigo in Spain has worked with the city council of Madrid (over three million inhabitants) on the management of controlled on-street parking. Today, this service is an integral part of the city council’s global mobility system, which includes not only the mobility of vehicles but also that of pedestrians and bicycles.

This system is based on a single digital platform which incorporates all of the IT applications of the different mobility services. Controlled parking is managed by a system that identifies users through their vehicle’s number plate.

The new system contains a number of improvements for the different parties that operate in this field. The city council consolidates its position as a reference in the area of road-based mobility thanks to the modern and innovative nature of the solutions implemented: an automated control system that uses cameras to read vehicle number plates; real-time access to information, both operational and financial, on the global platform and to information on the network of parking meters; a dynamic pricing policy based on environmental priorities and mobility goals set by the city council, which aim to favour, in particular, vehicles that emit low levels of pollutants, to fight against pollution by reducing the number of vehicles through the setting of prices based on the density of urban areas and to favour the rotation of vehicles. The city council monitors the standard of service provided by the operators through a system based on Key Performance Indicators and benefits from optimised operating costs.

The on-street parking solution implemented by Indigo in Spain offers drivers in Madrid a wide range of payment methods (cash, prepaid card or bank card, smartphone application, e-purse). The system allows the user to extend his stay through the application and to settle a parking ticket directly at the parking meter or through the application if a ticket is issued for overstaying.

Indigo in Spain also manages the surface parking service of the city of Zaragoza (666,000 inhabitants), which represents a total of 7,000 spaces.


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