Feldberg Ski Station

Propose a high-quality solution for an overcrowded ski resort


Name of our client: Bankhaus Ellwanger & Geiger
Number of spaces: 1,200 spaces and 45 shuttle buses
City: Feldberg (Baden-Wurttemberg / Black Forest)
Country: Germany

Which kind of service / contract:
Lease contract

Encouraging local development
Situated in the heart of the Black Forest, Feldberg is a resort which attracts 15,000 visitors annually, resulting in an overcrowding of public areas and sometimes parked cars stretching back along the road for several kilometres, a long way from the ski slopes. The new parking facilities in Feldberg are part of an initiative to improve the quality of life in the ski resort and blend harmoniously into their environment, at the foot of the ski slopes. As the first strategic milestone in town’s development, the Indigo parking facilities will increase the resort’s capacity to welcome visitors and improve the quality of service it is able to offer.

Services adapted to visitors’ needs 
To make things as convenient as possible for visitors, Indigo provides an online reservation system, ski lockers and special offers for holders of ski passes. These premium services are intended to meet the needs of customers who wish to save time and maximise comfort at the foot of the ski slopes.

Gestion de parking de la sation de ski Feldberg


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