On-street parking in Ixelles and management of car park at Flagey

In Brussels, Indigo in Belgium implements the new on-street parking plan in Ixelles and provides management of a car park at Flagey.


Name of our client : Ixelles City Hall
Number of spaces : 14,971 on-street and 186 spaces in the car park
City : Ixelles (municipality of Brussels-Capital)
Country : Belgium

Which kind of service / contract :
– Installation and maintenance of parking meters
– Collection and counting of takings
– Car park management

In Belgium and particularly in Brussels, finding a parking space can be a daily challenge. Drivers searching for a parking space apparently represent 30% of the road traffic in the city. Ixelles is one of the 19 municipalities of Brussels-Capital, and is therefore no exception to this rule.

Since 2009, Indigo in Belgium has been managing the on-street concession on behalf of Ixelles city hall, representing more than 14,000 parking spaces. The company was entrusted with the responsibility of installing the meters, carrying out their maintenance and collecting the takings, controlling on-street parking, issuing various subscriptions and collecting money for fines. The users who come to collect their resident’s pass are welcomed in a customer reception area situated in the parking zone, by a hostess who is also able to answer any questions they may have. For this type of parking control position, the company has decided to include socially disadvantaged people in its teams. While this presence expresses the spirit of proximity in which we work with our customers, it also illustrates our determination to work towards the economic and also social development of Ixelles.

At the end of 2010, the municipality of Ixelles renewed its confidence in Indigo in Belgium by awarding the firm the management of an underground car park at Flagey, right in the centre of the on-street parking zone. The car park, comprising 186 spaces, has the particularity of possessing, underground, a rainwater recovery tank with a capacity of 33,000 cubic metres, which collects runoff from Place Flagey above. In heavy rain, the car park risks being flooded. So, to meet the expectations of the municipality optimally, Indigo in Belgium works in partnership with the weather institute IRM, which sends alerts to the car park managers when there is a risk of heavy rainfall (more than 40 mm/6h). Indigo in Belgium then sends its subscribers an SMS to invite them to remove their car until such times as the rain stops and temporarily suspends access to the car park for pay-per-hour users. When the situation returns to normal, the subscribers receive another SMS, authorising them to return to the car park, which opens once again to customers paying by the hour.

Working with Indigo in Belgium, the municipality of Ixelles has the advantage of the expertise of the global leader in parking, and also knows it has chosen more than a simple company: thanks to a close working relationship between staff and customers, the company participates in the life of the municipality and of the community.

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