REPSOL Security Parking

Indigo in Spain installs a remote management system in secure lorry parks

Name of our client : REPSOL
Number of spaces : There are currently seven lorry parks. On average, each car park has 100 spaces.
City : A national project
Country : Spain

Type of service / contract
– Full management of the lorry parks
– Supply, installation and maintenance of equipment

Theft is a serious problem for road hauliers and represents an estimated annual loss of almost €8 billion in Europe. REPSOL Security Parking is carrying out a trial project which could help tackle this phenomenon.

In Spain, the oil company, REPSOL, has a network of more than 3,500 service stations. REPSOL Security Parking has a network of secure lorry parks located in the service areas of the country’s main motorways. All of these lorry parks, each of which has about 100 spaces, are equipped with the same security installations and procedures: CCTV, a closed perimeter with an anti-intrusion system connected to a central alarm, real-time recording of the entry and departure of vehicles, a 24/24 security procedure to fight against thieves. REPSOL Security Parking also provides facilities and services that offer users a high-quality stopover: showers, a café and restaurant, free Wi-Fi, vehicle mechanics and washing services, etc. REPSOL Security Parking also has a free service that allows users to book spaces over the Internet.

Indigo in Spain is REPSOL’s chosen partner for this innovative project in which we are responsible for designing the lorry parks’ management and operating equipment, supplying, assembling and commissioning management system equipment, maintaining and cleaning the facilities, and managing the lorry parks, both on an operational as well as an administrative level.

As the lorry parks are located outside of urban areas, Indigo in Spain has designed and developed a remote-management system which allows the parks to be operated entirely at a distance 24 hours a day. The operation is run from the National Centre for Remote Operations and Assistance (CNTO) by a trained team of bilingual teleoperators who deal with any incident that arises in the lorry parks. A video interphone system personalises contact with users.

To improve security, the access control system applies not only to vehicles but also to pedestrians. A credit or debit card, a SOLRED card or even the ‘Via-T’ toll system badge may be used to pay for the stopover.

Furthermore, our business model represents added value for REPSOL in terms of the service’s administration as we provide the client with detailed economic, technical and operational reports.

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