Tolhuis Park

Innovating with shared parking: dual use of a private car park, e.g. during the weekend and after office hours

Tolhuis Antwerp

Name of our client : Immogra
Number of spaces : 182
City : Antwerp
Country : Belgium

Which kind of service / contract :
Private service contract

The Tolhuis building, currently undergoing renovation as a residential development, is a symbol of the Antwerp city centre. Owned by Immogra, the building in Sint-Pietersvliet lies close to the historic centre of Antwerp, not far from the Meir, the main shopping street of the city, and the MAS museum. The Tolhuis comprises 17,500 m² on ten floors and has 182 underground parking spaces.

Shared parking constitutes a new market which has emerged since the observation was made that in large cities, office car parks are empty in the evening, at the weekend and on public holidays, while a large part of urban traffic is caused by motorists driving around looking for a place to park.

Shared parking therefore consists in allowing parking spaces to be shared when they are not in use, allowing other motorists to park.

This offers several advantages. Entry to the car park for users is simplified and is performed by way of a code received as a text message or using the Park Indigo smartphone app. Indigo in Belgium, a specialist in parking management, has chosen the Tolhuis building to launch this offer in Belgium.

The lower costs allowed by this solution (remote supervision, no on-site personnel), a highly competitive price structure, a strong marketing approach and the interest of users in this new parking solution have attracted our clients.

As the Tolhuis building is currently being redeveloped as residential property, Immogra and Indigo in Belgium have reached a win-win agreement: in addition to benefiting from a simple, high-tech, low-cost parking solution, Immogra will receive new revenues while the building is undergoing conversion, while Indigo in Belgium, for its part, will manage the car park commercially.

In short, our clients are able to take advantage of the expertise of the world leader in parking, through a new customised, high-tech inexpensive solution that generates additional revenues and attracts many users, and from which all stakeholders benefit.

What customers say:

“The partnership with Indigo has been excellent! Thanks to its creative approach, this project has proved to be a success. The number of season ticket holders has risen at record speed, beyond every expectation. It was fully subscribed within six months!”

Martine Callewaert, executive assistant, Immogra


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