Cité des Sciences car park

Re-think, renovate and operate the car park of the Cité des Sciences in phase with the environment of Universcience (technology, culture, ecology)

Name of our client : L’EPPDCSI (public establishment of the Palais de la Découverte and the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie) called Universcience.
Number of spaces : 1,467
City : Paris
Country : France

Which kind of service / contract :
– Concession

The public establishment of the Palais de la Découverte and the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie (EPPDCS), called Universcience, wishes to create a sustainable car park for light vehicles and coaches in its business fleet on its La Villette site. For this reason, the establishment has signed a concession agreement with Indigo for a period of 18 years.
Indigo took over the operation on 3 September 2013.
The client wished to enhance the quality of service, improve the technical facilities and equipment and proceed to a technological modernisation of the facilities.

The works, which began in the first quarter 2014, lasted one year. The first year of cooperation between Indigo and Universcience was crowned with success: the financial targets were reached and the renovation made the park friendlier, more colourful, secure and humanised due to the permanent presence of operating agents.

Cité des Sciences car park is one of the new generation, connected car parks. In addition to a reception office equipped with interactive information screens and a lounge area with WiFi, terminals for recharging electrical vehicles (partner: Sodetrel); the rental of electric bicycles (partner: Green On); an area for reservations; license plate recognition at the entrance to the car park and indoor geolocation via the Park Indigo application.

The client, satisfied with the work done by Indigo, wishes to continue with the partnership.

Quotation of the client :

“From the outset, Indigo’s strategy, focussed on a high level of excellence in terms of reception, service offering and quality of the car parks (secure, well-lit and clean), was fully in line with the municipality’s orientation. Indigo was an active partner in the changes instigated by the town (development of the use of bicycles, rates for residents, infrequent drivers, etc.)”

“The image of quality that comes with the operator’s car parks, affirmed in a customer charter, is without doubt the reason why the rate of frequentation of the Indigo car parks has been maintained despite the significant reduction in automobile traffic.”

Excerpts from the audit report by the General Inspection of the City of Paris -2010

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