To improve traffic flow in Paris, Indigo optimises the use of on-street parking and offers innovative services.

Places de parking - vue d'un horodateurs à Paris

Name of our client: Ville de Paris
Number of spaces: 65,000 places
City: Paris
Country: France

Which kink of service / contract:
– Concession
– Public service outsourcing
– Goods and services

Indigo has cultivated the trust of the city of Paris concerning the building and operating of off-street car parks as well as for the management of metered on-street parking spaces.

Indigo works in close cooperation with the City of Paris on the different challenges specific to large conurbations, in order to smooth the flow of traffic and optimise use of the car parks. To boost the use of these car parks, Indigo deploys new services and shifts the concept of car park towards that of a veritable mobility hub. The Lobau-Rivoli car park, which comprises a mobility centre, illustrates this innovative conception. The mobility hub, which comprises, in particular, easily identifiable interactive touch terminals, can be used to compose your mobility thanks to a multimodal route planner, to prepare your journey on public transport via a terminal connected to the website and keep informed using a terminal connected to the City of Paris website (

The Indigo Parisian car parks now offer self-service electrically-assisted bicycles, in partnership with Green On; short-term car rental via an Avis agency; car pooling in partnership with Avis on demand; car sharing in partnership with Green Cove; terminals for recharging electric cars, in partnership with Sodetrel; the rental of electric scooters; Autolib electric car-sharing stations; an area for bicycle tour operators and the gradual development of stations for cyclists (with areas for subscribers and for pay-per-hour parking).
Regarding in-street parking, Indigo and Paris have set up the PMobile application for payment by mobile (developed in partnership with PayByPhone). Lastly Indigo wishes to encourage the use of car parks by motor cyclists by offering them subscriptions providing access to several car parks.

Indigo is also planning to create logistics centres. The company has proposed, inter alia, the development of an urban logistics centre (ULC) in the Tolbiac-Bibliothèque park from where goods could be dispatched towards their Parisian recipients by means of electric vehicles.

Indigo is also investing in the development of car park sharing (parkshare) which would open up additional parking spaces in the car parks of office buildings or private residences. Starting from the observation of the lack of parking spaces in Paris where, as in other major cities, the building of new multi-storey car parks is restricted, Indigo has entered into a partnership with private investor to integrate park sharing into its global mobility solution and increase its offering of parking spaces.

>> Meeting the needs of local authorities

>> Our know-how in terms of in-street parking

>> Off-street car parks designed and funded to meet the needs of the user

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