Fashion Mall in Rio de Janeiro

To optimise operations by centralising information


Sub-title: to optimise operations by centralising information
Name of our client: Saphyr group
Number of spaces: 14 000 spaces
City: Rio de Janeiro
Country: Brazil

Which kind of service / contract:
– Management

Know-how that is unique on the Brazilian market Moving, the Brazilian subsidiary of Indigo, offers shopping centres the possibility of centrally managing all their car parks throughout the whole country. This is an innovative service of the Brazilian market, based on establishing a single point of contact on Moving’s teams and on technologies used for the centralisation of information. This know-how was enough to persuade the Saphyr group, which entrusted the management of the car parks for 10 of its shopping centres in seven different states of Brazil to Moving, including the prestigious Fashion Mall in Rio de Janeiro.

Quality of service to match the prestige of the sites Moving’s national control centre features a real-time control platform to guarantee a consistent level of quality of service and full traceability of revenues. Moving also provides customer service of the highest quality thanks to a centralised system of customer data that allows them to respond rapidly to any customer needs. For the Fashion Mall, a valet parking system is also available to provide a premium level of customer service to match the prestigious status of this site in Rio de Janeiro.

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