Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein

A 100% valet parking operation at one of Latin America’s leading hospitals


Name of our client : Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein
Number of spaces : 3,530 spaces in 10 different sites
City : São Paulo
Country : Brazil

Which kind of service / contract:
Mixed rental/service

The Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein in São Paulo is one of the largest and busiest hospitals in Latin America. To deal with the parking requirements of hospital staff, outpatients and visitors, Moving has put in place a 100% valet-parking operation in which around 5,000 vehicles are driven every day through the hospital’s various sites, mainly in the Morumbi neighbourhood, which is the biggest site.

Opting to use valet parking to solve the problem of congested car parks, the hospital’s management offered the contract to Moving after becoming aware of the company’s professional approach in the context of another operation, the Metropole Shopping Centre, also in São Paulo. The project began on a single site in Morumbi, where over 200 valet operators work 24/7. Now, more than a year later, Moving operates a further nine Albert Einstein sites in several districts of São Paulo.


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