Grand Paris Seine Ouest

Indigo simplifies and dematerialises routine operations related to on-street parking.

Gestion de Parking Grand Paris Seine Ouest

Name of our client: Communauté d’agglomération Grand Paris Seine Ouest
Number of spaces: 18 487 on-street parking spaces
(Issy les moulineaux : 4 738, Boulogne : 12 871, Meudon : 635, Ville d’Avray : 243)
City: Issy les Moulineaux, Boulogne, Meudon, Ville d’Avray
Country: France

Which kind of service / contract

Issy-les-Moulineaux was the first town to offer payment by mobile phone. This system is now accessible for more than 200,000 parking spaces in around twenty French towns.

Since 2010, Indigo has been in charge of on-street parking in the sector Grand Paris Seine Ouest (GPSO). On behalf of this urban community, the company has implemented innovative tools for on-street parking. We have completed the replacement of the parking meters (alphanumerical keyboards, colour screens, use of bank cards with and without contact). When paying, users now enter their license plate number, which makes it possible to dematerialise the payment orders for pay-by-hour customers, residents and special tariffs. Indigo has installed a new system for centralising the data arising from the payment methods. Managed by Extenso, the system enhances security of the transactions and ensures better traceability. In addition, it comprises modules for handling revenues (accounting and monitoring of cash and counting); carrying out bank reconciliation (in the capacity of administrator); tracking maintenance interventions on the meters; managing and tracking keys; proactively managing stocks of spare parts; managing subscriptions (dematerialisation of fees and the sale of resident’s passes) and lastly, allowing users and residents to request a pass and pay for parking online through a dedicated portal.

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