Garáže Hlavní nádraží (City center car park)

A mixed covered and open-air car park for rail travellers, tourists and workers in the city centre

Name of our client:
 Prague Technical Services
Number of spaces: 523
City: Prague
Country: Czech Republic

Which kind of service / contract:
– Indefinite lease contract

This high-capacity car park is situated immediately next to Prague’s main railway station, in the city centre, which serves many major international and regional destinations, as well as forming part of the Prague suburban network. The car park consists of 312 indoor parking spaces and 211 outdoor spaces, giving it a total capacity of 523 cars. The open-air zones are suitable for LPG vehicles. Users of the facility include train passengers as well as employees of companies with offices in the vicinity. In addition, Indigo in Czech Republic has signed partnership agreements with a number of hotels in the surrounding area and with two major car rental firms, Budget and Sixt. Because of its convenient location, it is also popular with tourists and other visitors to the Czech capital.

The Main Station car park is not confined to cars; it also provides 18 parking spaces for buses, making it the largest city centre bus park in Prague.

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