City of London, a full on­-street management

To reduce traffic congestion thanks to a smart and comprehensive parking management system

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Name of our clients : City of London
Number of spaces : 2,200
City : London
Country : United-Kingdom


Small size, big challenge

The City of London borough posed a series of special challenges for traffic management and parking enforcement within the narrow streets and large building works within London. The Indigo enforcement team know that issuing Penalty Charge Notices is a small part of the job; the main focus is to keep the traffic moving within the city.

Rapid response to problems

Along with the CCTV enforcement, Indigo introduced a rapid response team. The team use motor scooters and mountain bikes to respond quickly to problems and maintain a consistent level of enforcement around the area. A number of the team are dedicated to addressing building site traffic issues to minimise disruption.

Working in partnership with the local Police

Our Indigo employees have been trained as volunteers to support the police with road closures in the event of a critical incident, freeing up police time.

Added services to meet changing needs

The contract allows the flexibility to provide services on an added value basis. Expansion to the local authority contract such as CCTV enforcement and a staffed Parking Help desk, have all been added to the contract as enhancements and have been developed in partnership by Indigo and the City of London Borough Council.

London on street

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