Southeastern railway (main line train operating company)

Indigo in the United Kingdom optimises the service and maximises revenue from train station parking

Name of our client : Southeastern (train operating company)
Number of spaces: 12,000
Country : United Kingdom

Which kind of service / contract:
– Car park management
– Sale of season tickets
– Management of taxi access authorisations
– Maintenance of equipment
– Receipt of payments
– Relations with stakeholders and customers

Indigo in the United Kingdom manages 82 car parks along the main Southeastern railway line. The agreement, for a period of nine years, involves a set of services necessary for the management and operation of car parks. Indigo in the United Kingdom handles, in particular, the making available, installation, maintenance and remote surveillance of car park facilities (available for rental or purchase). Tickets are distributed and payment collected by agents using portable devices specially designed by Indigo in the United Kingdom for use in a railway context. Revenues have been optimised through the implementation of a price list (with the launch of “off peak” prices) along with management of compliance with pricing conditions and management of returns. Indigo in the United Kingdom also maintains the car parks and green spaces (including the sprinkling of sand and salt in winter). The solution the company has implemented for Southeastern includes the sale of season tickets and parking scratch cards, management of subscriptions for station staff and taxi access authorisations. It develops the sales channels via internet and via a dedicated call centre. Lastly, Indigo in the United Kingdom handles the receipt of payments, bank transactions and produces revenue reports, and weekly/monthly/quarterly financial and operating reports.

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