Nervión Plaza shopping centre (Séville)

Management of the car park by Indigo in Spain generates added value in terms of its operation and helps improve the image of the shopping centre.

Name of our client : TIAA Henderson Real Estate
Number of spaces : 1,500
City : Séville
Country : Spain

Type of service / contract :
– Full management of the car park
– Supply and installation of operating equipment

In Seville (700,000 inhabitants) since the beginning of 2012, Indigo in Spain has managed the car park of the city-centre shopping centre, Nervión Plaza, which belongs to Henderson Global Investors.

This car park, which has 1,500 spaces, is used by around 2,500 vehicles a day. The Nervión Plaza shopping centre has 43,000 m2 of retail space (services, clothes shops, catering and leisure outlets). With over 10 million visitors a year, it is one of Andalusia’s main shopping centres.

As the car park is located close to the F.C. Seville football stadium, it is used every 15 days by some of the 42,000 fans who go to see the match. The quality management process implemented by Indigo in Spain adds to the value of this piece of real estate through solutions that increase income. The shopping centre’s management needs are also met (drafting of activity reports, creation of a wide range of promotions and discounts, adaptation of prices in accordance with the length of stay, independent management of reserved parking areas, problem solving, etc.). Finally, for users, our professional management process guarantees access to a clean car park in which vehicles can circulate easily, even at peak times, and free services.

Indigo in Spain completely renovated the facilities (installation of access control systems, toll equipment, cameras, signage, etc.), which are now connected to the National Centre for Remote Operations and Assistance (CNTO) in Madrid.

Thanks to the experience that we have acquired in this sector with clients like Klepierre Corio, Silvercode Investment and Axa Investment, we are fully aware of the specific needs of shopping centres and are capable of meeting these needs while providing a customised service.

Client quote :
Management by Indigo in Spain of the Nervión Plaza shopping centre car park in Seville has led to a significant improvement to the operation, efficiency and profitability of the car park. The team is tireless and always striving for excellence.”

Marta Cladera – Portfolio Manager at TH Real Estate (TH Real Estate is the name used by the group of companies, TIAA Henderson Real Estate Limited).

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