Belval Plaza Shopping Centre, Esch-sur-Alzette

A brownfield site is converted into a retail and leisure hub

Centre Commercial Belval Plaza - Vue d'extérieur

Name of our client: BELVAL PLAZA Shopping Center (represented by Devimo)
Number of spaces: 1,600
City: Esch-sur-Alzette
Country: Luxembourg

Which kind of service / contract:
– Service contract

Located in the heart of the 120-hectare brownfield site of the city’s former steelworks, the Belval Plaza shopping centre contains major international brands and local Luxembourg businesses on 36,000 m² of retail space.

This site, now undergoing full-scale renovation, has been the subject of constant regeneration projects for some years. Preserving remains of the past is an important part of the project and has resulted in the conservation of the blast furnaces, evidence of the industrial heritage of Forges du Sud in Luxembourg.

The shopping centre is managed by Devimo, which operates 35 shopping centres in Belgium. It offers a variety of services, including:
-Retail outlets (approximately 40 stores)
-Food (7 restaurants)
-Leisure and culture (concert hall, 7-screen multiplex cinema)
-Health and well-being (gym)

All these activities generate constant traffic, particularly during events and concerts. This led the Belval Plaza shopping centre management to call upon Indigo’s expertise and know-how in order to find the best possible solution to the operational requirements of the 1,600 space car park.

The establishment of a University nearby is increasing the number of visitors to the shopping centre yet further, causing increasingly heavy traffic flows.

To meet all these varying demands, Indigo supplies 24/7 management services, with an employee on hand round the clock at the information kiosk located within the shopping centre.

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