Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau International Airport, Montreal

92% of satisfied users of 12 car parks in one of Canada’s busiest airports

Name of our client : Aéroports de Montréal (ADM)
Number of spaces : 11,500
City : Montreal
Country : Canada

Which kind of service / contract :
– Full management
– Valet service
– Management of taxis and limousines
– Trolley management

Montreal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport is one of the three largest airports in Canada, handling more than 14.8 million passengers every year. 51 freight and passenger airlines serve 130 destinations around the world. The airport records over 230,000 aircraft movements annually. 250 companies operate on the site. Their personnel can make use of some 11,500 parking spaces available around the airport and spread over the various car parks (indoor, multi-storey and outdoor).

Since 2007, Indigo in Canada has been responsible for full management of the airport’s 12 car parks and valet service, and also more recently for managing more than a million commercial vehicles (taxis and limousines) per year as well as managing baggage trolleys (an operation which in itself requires 70 permanent employees). In total, there are 150 dedicated Indigo team members at the airport.

In the space of a few years, Indigo has introduced several major changes to both the day-to-day and strategic management of the car parking offer, in close collaboration with ADM: the valet service has been totally overhauled, resulting in improved service for customers and greater fluidity and security of service; an operating mode has been designed and introduced specially for peak periods, which has allowed the creation of an additional 500 spaces; procedures for maintaining and cleaning equipment have been reviewed; new operating modes are allowing greater flexibility when planning major works affecting access to the airport; and cash management has been improved following the installation of new equipment in 2011. As far as human resources management is concerned, a dedicated HR manager has been specifically assigned to the airport, which has both reduced the employee turnover rate and improved the quality of service delivered.

All of these changes have had a very positive impact on the rate of passenger and user satisfaction with respect to parking: 92% of users consider themselves satisfied with this aspect of the airport’s services.

In order to continue to improve assistance and advice for passengers on a 24/7 basis, Indigo Canada, as an expert in parking management, is currently working on connecting all the airport’s car parks to a central customer service system, ConnecPark.

What customers say:

“From the very start of its management contract, Indigo implemented a new organisational structure adapted to the needs of our customers, i.e. being able to park their cars efficiently in our terminals. The level of service had increased substantially.

It’s a pleasure to recommend this company, as well as the professionalism, skills and know-how of its management in its future developments. Indigo has contributed a high level of added value to our parking facilities.”

Luc Charbonneau, Director, Parking and Ground Transportation, ADM


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