Hamad International Airport Car Parks

Providing world class services to passengers (short term and long term parkers), and Airport employees

Name of our client : Qatar Airways – qatarairways.com – dohahamadairport.com
Number of spaces :

  • 7,500 spaces divided as follows :
  • Short-term 3,300 spaces
  • Long-term: 2,450 spaces
  • Employees: 1,650 spaces
  • Commercial: 100 spaces
  • Taxi: 50 spaces

City : Doha
Country : Qatar

Which kind of service / contract :
Management and Operation

Presentation of the project :

  • Successful set up of Designa and Scheidt & Bachman systems;
  • 40 training courses on all soft skills delivered;
  • Detailed reporting and statistics to Landlord continuously submitted;
  • 24/7 reception services and call centre provided;
  • Professional management of 5,000 subscribers;
  • 99% of parkers are paying on foot and via mobile cashiering;
  • Staff welfare and safety programs for 150 staff;
  • Supervision and pay by phone trialed solutions.

QDVP, the subsidiary of Indigo in Qatar, has been successfully operating the car park at Hamad International Airport since its opening in 2014. The parking facilities are split into five car parks: three short-stays, and a long-stay, plus a staff car parks requiring a shuttle service.

Hamad International Airport car parks are equipped with state-of-the-art services, such as park-help cameras for vehicle guidance, as well as handheld payment terminals. This successful project includes the management of 5,000 subscribers and provides a 24/‎7 reception service and call center. Exceptional in Qatar, 99% of customers pay automatic pay stations. QDVP is also working on supervision and pay-by-phone trailed solutions.

Hamad International Airport is one of the world’s most luxurious airports. Qatar’s wishes to develop tourism for prime international events such as the Football World Cup in 2022 required a top-class asset, as an airport is a visitor’s first and last impression of a country.

Hamad International Airport opened in April 2014 and required a USD 16 billion investment. As the first car park operator, Indigo took part in the airport opening. From the first day, it operated all the car parks with staff recruited abroad from. In all, 146 employees have been hired and brought to Qatar from 14 different countries (including 12% women, which is higher than the standard quota in Qatar).   The company-assisted in their visa applications and fully trained them through 37 programmes. They are housed in compounds and taken by bus to the airport for their shifts.

Hamad car park management is fully in line with the airport’s positioning. After 18 months, our operations are meeting the expectations of our client and of the passengers. 1.6 million visitors used the airport car park in the first year.

Quotation of the client:

“I frequent visited the car parks over this period and at no time did I see a drop in the delivery of service. The measure of success I feel in a customer/staff facing environment is the number of negative comments and complaints received, which I am delighted to say is zero.”

Aidan Dawson – Landside Operations Manager, HIA

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