Indigo is the most comprehensive and advanced parking network at the service of individual mobility. We operate in a variety of contractual arrangements (off-street, on-street, car park sharing) and we address all segments of the market.

Our parking network is present in more than 750 cities and 16 countries, and locally conceives the expertise and ranges of services adapted to the needs of the municipalities and businesses. We are proud to create spaces that are clean, safe and welcoming so that our customers can park their vehicles with peace of mind. Indigo is a global player grounded in the local community.

Our car parks are connected to the city. With the user’s convenience in mind, we design, build, finance and operate custom, ever more intelligent car park solutions. Payment by mobile, pre-reservation of parking spaces, guiding to optimise mobility time, so many examples of services that create an increasingly integrated, smooth and convenient customer path.


Global urbanisation is leading not only to increased mobility but also to more ingenious solutions, whenever we are on the move.
It’s not just about getting to our destinations quickly, but doing it more intelligently, in a way which fits in with our lifestyles or simply with what we want to do on the spur of the moment.

Such flexible and personalised mobility necessarily depends on a simplified
use of cars. As the industry leading parking network, we innovate to allow
people to move around more fluidly in towns and cities, to make the daily
lives of millions of people easier.

The parking of tomorrow is Indigo.

Inheriting the innovative spirit of VINCI Park, we are here to bridge the gap
between the car and the smart city. Indigo offers more than just a place to
park, it keeps its users informed about the best of what their destination
has to offer and how to get there.

Such versatile mobility energises city life: it feeds into the economic fabric
and provides new stimulus for interaction between neighbourhoods. So that
mobility in all its forms becomes more and more smoothly integrated into
our daily lives, creating an ever stronger bond between us and the towns
and cities we live in.

Serge Clémente
Chief Executive Officer, Indigo Group