Quality of service, cleanliness, customer relations, security, team management… to ensure an exemplary service, Indigo is continually innovating and investing in the training of its teams who find their career paths enhanced.

The Campus Indigo

Founded in 2004, Campus Indigo is the first training establishment in France entirely devoted to the occupations related to parking. Certified as an official training organisation since 2009, it develops tailor-made training tools and implements a balanced pedagogical approach between classroom teaching and e-learning.

The courses cover all aspects of the occupations involved in the running of car parks in the widest sense: know-how, sales strategy, management and security (of customers and of employees). The programmes consolidate the basic knowledge acquired through experience and at the same time provide access to cycles that lead to a qualification.

The benchmark for professionals in training for car parks, our campus has won a number of awards including the Parkos d’Or, the DIF Trophées d’or, the Intranet d’Or, and more recently the Trophée d’or for training manager and the Grand Prix of the E-learning Awards.

Continuously updated, the car park training courses match the emerging needs in each of the countries the group operates in. Training courses in the field allow employees to put into practice what they have learnt and validate their knowledge. This is particularly the case in England and in France, where employees can take part in role playing in teaching car parks.


Online and in the field – mixed training

Indigo offers its employees innovative learning methods based on practice and simulation. Mixed courses that combine E-learning and work placements allow remote learning while at the same time facilitate insertion in the field.

All over the world, Indigo employees are provided with support along their career paths. E-learning platforms, based on the L.M.S. (Learning Management System), are used, in particular in Canada, England, the United States and Brazil where our e-learning module is used by 40 % of employees on average each week.