To accompany its customers in their individual mobility, Indigo proposes a wide service offering adapted to suit local needs.

Car maintenance

Car wash.
A pleasant car wash for cars and motorcycles/scooters is available to users of the car parks, with an agent to meet you during opening hours. Clean and easy to use, this facility allows you to take care of your car and continue on your route care-free.

Breakdown kits and Air station.
In order to meet the emergencies that sometimes arise, we have installed breakdown terminals in some of our car parks. Thanks to a battery jump-starter and an air station, users can set off again with a carefree mind and in good safety conditions.

Facilitate payment with a variety of payment methods

Depending on the countries and the usages, Indigo proposes the choice of a number of payment methods. Debit Card, Credit Card, contactless card, Total GR card or remote toll card, Indigo does everything to facilitate transactions and save time for the customer.

Payment by mobile phone is spreading rapidly. This is why Indigo has adapted its application, particularly in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States, to offer this function.

A partnership agreement was also signed a few years ago with Pay By Phone in France.

Collect your parcels and make use of a storage area

Indigo proposes to install an automatic deposit service for receiving parcels (electronic commerce prox¬imity ser¬vice) self-service, accessible to us¬ers 24/7. A self-storage service is also under study and would consist in making storage areas, in other words cellars or cubicles, available to private individuals and professionals.

Park your motorcycle safely and conveniently

Indigo affords special attention to the reception and safety of our customers using two-wheeled vehicles. Non-skid surfaces on the traffic lanes dedicated to them make their route safer. Indigo reserves secure premises for them. Lastly, the motorcycle areas in our car parks are endowed with enhanced lighting and surveillance cameras.
Secure lockers allow riders to store their equipment safely. Convenient and easy to use, they allow riders to carry on with their day without encumbrances. Already the norm in several of our car parks, this solution is much in demand among riders who find a double advantage in using the car park.

Take advantage of “added” services for more convenience

To keep our customers informed and arrange a pleasant path for them, Indigo plays piped music in its car parks.

The perfume.
Once again, to make the experience of our car parks more pleasant, in 2010 Indigo created its own signature scent. Fresh, refined notes are diffused at regular intervals in the circulation and reception areas. Our fragrance is composed of delicate floral touches and also combines peppermint or pine resin essences.

Equipment available.
In order to match the expectations of our users, Indigo can lend them certain accessories or items. In exchange for your car park ticket and subject to availability, a customer who has forgotten their umbrella on a rainy day may borrow one from our agents while their car is in the car park. Same principle for shopping bags, baskets or trolleys for your shopping. In some of our car parks in resort areas, users can borrow buggies free of charge to take a walk with their children.