Indigo has expertise in helping clients achieve growth targets and maximise the revenue potential of their parking estates. With our vast knowledge and experience of car parking business intelligence, revenue and yield management, we provide a complete end-to-end service for all parking facilities, including airports, hotels, railway stations, hospitals and on- and off-street city centre car parks

Business intelligence and analytics

Car park management generates data from multiple sources, such as on-line reservations systems, season ticket sales, barrier equipment and payment records. Indigo has developed a state-of-the-art software package specifically for the parking industry that takes our clients’ marketing intelligence to the next level.
The business intelligence and advanced analytical tools enable clients to access fully interactive on-line dashboards and automated pre-defined dynamic reports as well as raw data. This enables clients to review performance on a real-time basis and perform any ad-hoc analysis in detail against forecasts and accurately predict future consumer behaviour.

Maximise occupancy and revenues

Capitalising on this intelligence, we develop commercial models in line with your targets and product strategies. Our aim is to sell the right product to the right person, at the right time and for the best price. Detailed profiling of customer behaviour enables predictive analysis resulting in effective pricing policies, with accurately targeted promotional campaigns that will maximise the business.

Yield management is part of our integrated approach to revenue management. It consists of a variable pricing strategy allowing operators to derive the greatest possible revenue or profit from their inventory.

Profit optimisation

We work closely with our clients to optimise all revenue streams. This typically includes daily, weekly and monthly face-to-face meetings to discuss the previous period’s performance and also to plan future strategy. We tailor this approach to every client with whom we operate, and the result is invariably not only an uplift in top-line revenue but more efficient management of resources. When applied to labour-intensive segments such as valet services, for instance, advanced analytics delivers business efficiency by matching manpower resources to anticipated peaks in activity.

A tailor-made offer

We offer a range of products and pricing options along with dedicated resources for continued support, all of which form part of our unique end-to-end service. We can also offer our revenue management and business intelligence tools as a standalone package, which includes full training and support. The software has been launched in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States, and will soon be available in France and other European countries and several South American countries, including Brazil.

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