Indigo offers a remote operations service for its car parks in France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Canada, Brazil, Spain, the United States and Luxembourg. Designed by Indigo, this service provides an operational team 24 hours a day, seven days a week, based at our National Centre for Remote Operations and Assistance, which supports the user at every stage in navigating a car park. This reinforces security and provides reassurance for our customers.

Getting around reliably

Our operators are connected to the main car park equipment and to a number of alarms. Ready to act, they intervene if a fire alarm is activated, equipment malfunctions, a customer calls from the entry and exit barriers or parking meter and payment system, or if the parking meter and payment system alarm is triggered.

Users have a high-quality service available thanks to cutting-edge technology including IP intercoms and strategically placed CCTV cameras around the site. When there is an incoming call, the user is connected either to a staff member on duty or to a remote operator. The operator can see the user thanks to the cameras located in the car park and solve the problem by phone.

Remote operators are able to help customers in many situations: payment issues, faulty or damaged equipment, lost tickets or vehicle-related issues, and they can answer all questions with regard to the site and its surroundings.

In order to deliver a service that meets our demanding standards, all events are recorded. Reporting tools enable monitoring of activity on a site-by-site basis, facilitating the analysis of all events. Those tools ensure the device performance.

Available in France and other countries

The service is available not only in France but also in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Canada, Brazil, Spain and Luxembourg. In the United States, the National Centre for Remote Operations and Assistance (known as the Customer Care Center) manages customer service for numerous car parks.