For over fifty years, Indigo has been working alongside local authorities on urban development planning, helping them to design and implement parking solutions. In this way, Indigo plays an active role in developing innovative services which help to energise our towns and cities.

Providing support for local government mobility policy

On-street parking is a key element in urban management and local development policy. Recognised for its expertise both in France and abroad, Indigo is able to work closely in partnership with local authorities on the development of their urban mobility policy. Indigo develops offers which are tailor-made to perfectly meet the needs of city centres, tourist destinations and residential areas.
Its services make it possible to facilitate mobility and optimise flows, by improving rates of rotation and limiting the saturation of traffic routes, thus helping local businesses to meet their economic objectives.

Providing technical know-how as an operator

To assist with the development of on-street parking, Indigo designs innovative services, which seek to make better use of the spaces available and improve their financial management. Software platforms make it possible not only to trace and manage the collection of revenue, as well as the counting and maintenance of parking meters, but also guarantee full transparency of revenue collection. In Belgium, Spain and Great Britain, Indigo plays the additional role of managing customer fines and enforcement, in accordance with local regulations.


In particular, Indigo uses very innovative solutions to optimise and reinforce means of control. Indigo is now planning ahead to be ready to respond to expected changes to regulations in France by offering solutions relating to the decriminalisation of enforcement for paid parking, already in place in other countries where Indigo is present.

Innovative pricing policies

Indigo also supports local authorities by defining a pricing policy which is right for the local economic situation. Indigo implements integrated meter-based, mobile and online payment systems, making it possible to offer users a sliding price scale according to pollution, category of user or traffic congestion.