Indigo offers its customers more than a parking space. At the service of individual mobility, we accompany users along their daily routes. To anticipate emerging urban practices, we propose a set of new services – a mobility hub -, adapted to individual travel modes.

Recharge your electric car

Indigo encourages the development of electric mobility all over the world. To provide our users with a network of self-service recharging terminals, and dedicated parking places for electric cars, we have, for example, set up a partnership in France with Sodetrel Mobilité (a wholly-owned subsidiary of EDF) and in Luxembourg, with mobility expert City Mov’. More than 100 recharging terminals are available today in France, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

Bicycles on loan

Sensitive to changes in the way our users move around in the city, Indigo proposes the loan and rental of bicycles across its network. In this way, our customers can continue their journey as they wish, thanks to a mobility offering that is easy, fast and convenient.

Parking your bicycle

In order to safely park their personal bicycles, cyclists have access to our car parks where an area has been specially designed with specific signs. Cyclists can take out a subscription to park their bicycle at the car park reception area.

Car leasing by subscription (car-sharing)

To simplify the mobility of users, Indigo proposes car-sharing services in some of its facilities, depending on needs and on the local partners. No need to service your car, fill up the tank or look for a parking space. Car-sharing does not involve any time constraints, the user can keep the vehicle the time it takes for their journey. With these mobility services, urban drivers gain in terms of ease of use and smooth journeys. These new solutions are both economical and ecological.

Travelling by car-pooling

Indigo allows users to remain mobile by sharing their journeys, a travel solution that is simple, easy and convivial in addition to being ecological. With this free service available to all, users can easily find a travel companion. The list of itineraries proposed by drivers is available on the Indigo website. Potential passengers only have to contact the drivers. Mobile and smooth, this service has 750,000 active users today.

Planning your route and finding information on the city

Indigo provides the user with touch-screen terminals. Easy, intuitive and pleasant to use, they deliver information relative to mobility and the town in a fun, friendly way. Customers can find out about traffic conditions along their route and plan the remainder of their journey, but also explore their surroundings, and find out what cultural events are on in the vicinity.


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