To provide users with ever more connected and intuitive tools, Indigo introduces the Park Indigo parking application for smartphone (iPhone and Android compatible). It allows users to change their route in real time and incorporates a large number of functions and services, such as indoor global positioning and a car park finder. The application is available in seven countries including France, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Today, it references more than a million parking spaces.

Find a car park easily

The app references all the Indigo car parks in 7 countries, representing more than 3,000 car parks. Thanks to geolocation, the user, wherever they are, can find the nearest Indigo car park or the one closest to their final destination.

They only have to enter an address or a location and access the car parks available within that perimeter, a description provides all the relevant information: number of spaces, rates and services. Once they have made their choice, the GPS calculates their route and guides them to the car park.

Save time by parking quicker

The parking app Park Indigo favours smooth flowing traffic and saves the user time by easily finding a vacant parking space.

Let yourself be guided by indoor geolocation

Thanks to a system based on bluetooth beacons installed in the car park and an onboard 3D map, the Park Indigo application allows users to easily find their way without the need for a network connection. They can pin-point their position, display the position of their vehicle and be guided easily towards the exits and the various services.


Managing on-street payments

Indigo sets up partnerships to offer its customers electronic payment solutions in-street. With the mobile application, after creating an account and filling in the payment method, the user selects the area they are in and chooses their parking time. The data is automatically sent to a central server which the traffic wardens log onto. The client can prolong their parking time remotely from their mobile, or reduce it if they decide to pick their car up earlier than planned. An option appears on the Park Indigo parking application to show the availability of this service in the area the user is in.

Find your car park with “Street view”

The user can navigate through enhanced reality and easily find the car park where they left their vehicle.

Take advantage of vacant parking spaces in a shared car park

Indigo offers a shared parking service and provides parking spaces in offices and private residences for users. The location and reservation of shared places is accessible via this application in some places.

Find out more about shared car parks

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