Indigo possesses solid expertise in terms of the design and construction of multi-storey and underground car parks. We have complete control over all phases of these projects, from design to renovation, including the building and construction works required to upgrade the car parks.

Design, a recognised skill

Indigo has full control over all the project phases (design of the structure, equipment) for all types of interventions (new construction, renovation, modernisation and upgrade)

Our know-how allows us to manage work sites in difficult areas, in particular in certain old quarters where the preservation of the site requires the use of special techniques.
We strive to limit to the strict minimum any disturbance caused to the local residents. An in-depth study of the needs of each stakeholder is carried out in cooperation with the residents, shopkeepers, the liberal professions, government agencies, business firms, etc.
The phasing of the works takes all the constraints into consideration and aims to restrict, as far as possible, the impact on traffic flow and access to the neighbourhood concerned during the construction phase.

Funding, from the most basic projects to the most complex arrangements

Indigo has both the technical compe¬tencies associated with each type of management – franchise, leasing, freehold… but is also able to pro¬vide the funding for all the types of projects. In this respect, we can envisage the most basic operation to the most complex arrangement, drawing on a healthy, sound financial structure, fed by re¬curring cash-flows.

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Skills specific to each situation

Over and above building expertise per se, Indigo places at the disposal of its customers the specific skills required for each situation, in terms of the design and construction of multi-storey or underground car parks.

Protecting the site and the environment

Indigo carefully examines how a car park shall fit into its environment. On-street and off-street projects are is closely coordinated with local authorities and landscape architect. The creation of structures, like the position and ergonomics of parking meters, are subject to a specific treatment and choices, so that they blend in harmoniously with the city landscape. The architectural work and the integration into the local environment are considered in advance with the urban project, in order to provide maintained and valuable public spaces.

A pleasant, reassuring atmosphere achieved through neat, well-kept scenography

The scenography of the multi-storey car parks is carefully designed to humanise the parking area and make it easy for the customer to find their way. The idea is to remove the stress related to anonymous spaces and inspire a feeling of security Pedestrian paths are given particular attention and extra lighting. The interior of the car parks is fitted out and decorated (lighting, piped music, choice of colours and signs) to ensure the customer is at ease and create a light space in which they feel secure.

Expertise in the protection and development of archaeological remains

It is not uncommon for interesting archaeological remains to be unearthed when underground car parks are built. Indigo is frequently confronted with this question, and has developed expertise both in the handling of dig sites, in compliance with the legislation in force, and in the potential development of the remains if they must be conserved on the site.