Beyond mere parking spaces, Indigo aims to propose services that facilitate individual mobility in cities. It draws on a custom, digital service offering and on the continuous modernisation of our facilities.

Dematerialisation, at the service of both user and delegator

Technological and operational excellence must place itself at the service of both the user and the delegator. The online car park is part of a dematerialisation operation that aims to make exchanges simpler, more reliable and more secure. This is why Indigo has equipped many of its car parks with digital tools such as cameras, license plate recognition (LPR) software and QR code readers, and NFC readers.
Online car parks, with their dematerialised data flows, improve the quality of the user experience and reinforce the securi¬ty of receipts.

To simplify and smooth the customer’s route, Indigo endeavours to limit the obligation to take a ticket. This is why in 2015, in its car parks under construction, the company launched the first automatic access and payment service using license plate recognition (LPR).

Move around easily and simply, with the application Park Indigo

In order to provide the client with assistance along their route, Indigo develops and regularly updates its application Park Indigo by supplying services to locate car parks, mobile payments or geolocation in certain countries, the company implements the intelligent car park connected to the user.

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Save time with the online services related to your subscription

In most of our countries, our customers can subscribe or renew their parking subscription online. The subscribers section allows you to save time and take advantage of more flexibility in managing your account: you can easily generate, view or print invoices and manage your account.

Prepare your journey with online reservation

Certain parking spaces are reserved for customers who book them in advance on the Internet. They pay for them online. When they arrive at the automatic car park barrier, their vehicle is automatically recognised using a license plate recognition system.

Focus on the connected innovations at the Cité des Sciences car park

The car park of the Cité des Sciences in Paris is among the first new generation online car parks. It is equipped with a license plate recognition system (LPR), indoor geolocation and a section for reserved parking spaces.

Using the “connected lounge” section on their mobile telephone and the interactive screens situated in the reception office, customers can obtain information about the area surrounding the Cité des Sciences.

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