In towns and cities that are becoming increasingly overcrowded, where public space is at a premium, parking spaces are an important resource that has to be used optimally. Faced with this issue, Indigo is becoming a driving force in the development of alternative solutions. The launch of a park sharing service that is straightforward to use and accessible to all represents a smart solution for getting around town.

An alternative to conventional parking solutions

Faced with an increased demand for parking or a scarcity of overground parking spaces and the difficulty of building new parking facilities in city centres, Indigo has chosen to share existing parking spaces.

There are many parking spaces in private business or residential car parks that stay vacant either all day, or for part of the day, and which thus represent an important source of available parking spaces. By pooling parking needs and intelligently
managing access to car parks, Indigo is able to offer more parking options to private individuals in areas where there is a shortage of spaces.

A safe and proven technical solution

To support the development of park sharing, Indigo has designed an innovative car park access solution, that satisfies the same demanding criteria relating to the customer experience as its car parks themselves.

The solution proposed by Indigo is totally self-sufficient: everything from customer management to car park access is performed by Indigo. Drivers can thus gain access to the car park with their mobile phone either by using a smartphone application or simply by sending an SMS. They are then directed to spaces reserved for them thanks to a simple and specially-adapted signage system, and can benefit from Indigo’s assistance at any time during the process.

A responsible and beneficial approach

By optimising the use of an existing resource and helping to limit rotations of vehicles looking for a space, park sharing emphasises the value of an environmentally-friendly and civic approach and allows the landlord to position itself as a socially responsible stakeholder. Moreover, having these private spaces occupied by these new customers is also economically beneficial to all involved: the landlord generates revenue, at no extra cost, on an asset that has until now remained unused and drivers can take out a cheaper parking subscription which is better suited to their needs.