Indigo Canada wins major call for tenders from Carewest for its Calgary operations

    Since the beginning of August 2017, Indigo has been in charge of running the parking facilities for eight Carewest establishments. A ninth establishment will join the line-up later. Carewest is a group of healthcare establishments for people of all ages suffering from chronic diseases, physical or mental disabilities and requiring long-term care and ongoing medical…

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    Francisco Norte-Playa car park gets a makeover

    Located near the historic centre of Marbella (one of the most important national and international tourist cities) and only a few metres from “Avenida del Mar”, the city’s main car park operated by Indigo, the Francisco Norte-Playa car park was recently renovated.  Acquired in March 2016 by Indigo, the firm has launched major refurbishment work:…

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    Indigo strengthens its presence in shopping centres in Spain and Brazil

    With more than 270 car parks worldwide, making up 212,000 parking spaces, Indigo is a leading provider of shopping-centre car parks. By designing welcoming parking facilities, training qualified teams to serve customers well, and providing business insights, Indigo is continuing to grow and sign new contracts, with a deal recently agreed with Klépierre Maremagnum in…

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    Two new lorry parks for Indigo in Spain

    INDIGO is operating two new lorry parks in Spain as part of the Repsol Security Parking project, which INDIGO and Repsol, Spain’s leading Energy Company, signed in 2013, including already a scope of seven. The project concerns remote management of the lorry parks along Spain’s motorways, as well as the toll station maintenance. Repsol has also…

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    Indigo teams up with Valeo & Cisco in Issy-Les-Moulineaux to test an autonomous smart parking innovation

    Indigo, the world’s No. 1 parking and individual mobility provider, is the leading integrator for an innovation developed by Valeo and Cisco, the so-called “Cyber Valet Services”, which is currently being tested at Indigo’s “Camille Desmoulins” car park in Issy-Les-Moulineaux. This pilot project was first presented at the international event Viva Technology in Paris on…

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